Who we help

Alchimia Solidaria wants to assist in different social areas, and we are open to cooperate in any project according with the content of our founding manifesto.

Initially, the bulk of our budget will be addressed to social projects to mitigate the effects of the crisis on deprived people with risk of social exclusion. In this will, we want to support associations that helps physical handicapped people and with psychological disabilities; projects to help those excluded from networks and social policies, and projects related to environmental protection and others whose main issue is spreading the message of respect for nature. At least, projects with the common welfare as main matter, focusing on local actions.

Moreover, Alchimia Solidaria aims to be a tool to assist and take part in the process to change drug laws. In this regard, it’s our purpose to give full support at any initiatives addressed to change the present status quo, giving verified information, mainly in risks prevention issues. For this field of actions, Alchimia Solidarity will work on statewide. Also, within the world of cannabis and at our country level, Alchimia Solidaria wants to support the research and diffusion of the medicinal properties of cannabis.

We also want to make a place in Alchimia Solidaria to support cultural and sports initiatives, that could represent by itself the messages included in our manifesto.