The Medical Cannabis Bike Tour 2016

The Medical Cannabis Bike Tour Foundation is a non-profit organisation that promotes the exploration of the medicinal potential of the cannabis plant. It funds research and investigation into medical cannabis and supports the legal rights of cannabis users. To raise money and promote this cause, the foundation organises an annual bike ride through beautiful European landscapes, with each edition covering 420km!

The Tour began in 2012 with just two riders, but by 2014 that had increased as more than 50 cyclists and volunteers from all over Europe and USA participated in the third MCBT in Spain. In 2015, 80 cyclists and volunteers toured The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Between 17th-19th of May 2016, the MCBT toured Slovenia and Italy, starting in Ljubljana with the finish line in Bologna.

Between 2104 and 2016, the MCBT collected €250,000 in sponsorship, used to finance an independent clinical investigation carried out by a team of scientists based in Madrid. This money will help to finance innovative clinical trials into the potential use of cannabinoids (THC & CBD) in the treatment of cancer patients.

The Medical cannabis Bike Tour collaborates with:

1) Medical research into cannabis. Financing doctors and scientists’ independent studies combining cannabinoids with existing, conventional cancer treatments. (See our News section for the latest developments in the research programme)

2) Legal rights. Working with ICAM (International Association for Cannabis Medicines), we support the legal struggle in the European Tribunal of Human Rights to obtain equal rights for medical cannabis users.

3) Awareness of medical cannabis. The tour aims to respond to negative and false perceptions of the plant and it’s users, generating awareness in the general public and the media and garnering attention for their cause.

Why sport?

Sport is a great way to challenge the preconceived ideas held by many in regards to cannabis and it’s users, as well as being a fantastic event to bring people together. The MCBT is very proud of it’s members and participants from all of Europe and the USA.

Why medical cannabis?

Across the centuries cannabis has been used as a herbal remedy. Today there is plenty of medical and scientific evidence to suggest that cnnabinoids are capable of halting the growth of tumors and eradicating cancerous cells.

Why hasn’t there been more scientific research into cannabis?

The Medical Cannabis Bike Tour began out of frustration for that very reason. We believe that the current legal situation in Europe is holding back proper research. Now is the moment to put all our efforts behind this project!

The Alchimia Foundation and Alchimia Grow Shop have collaborated and supported the MCBT since the very beginning.

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