Sponsoring a Running Team

AS Runners
Alchimia Solidaria wanted to support Juan Diego, Pau and Xavi, with the aim they could practice mountain trails, and spread the message of solidarity. That’s why we provide them the equipment required to practice this fantastic activity.

Words of the Beneficiaries

I’m Xavi Llamas Boza, osteopath by practice and trail runner by hobby, in a manner of speaking.
This year I have been lucky to be sponsored by Alchimia, and I could say nothing but thanks by their support and their participation in my crusades, each time I tackle a race.
Alchimia allows me to take part in competitions that I couldn’t finance by myself, and at the same time, allows me to follow my own motivation towards personal growth.
Sport is more than a hobby, the sacrifice of each step beyond is a step to a reward and self enhance, and without the commitment of Alchimia it wouldn’t be possible.

Thank You

Aside from competition, I understand mountain races and ultra trails as being solidarity
with whom you meet with problems, supporting him till the next feeding race point.
That’s why, mountain races, Alchimia Solidaria and ultra trails are perfectly enchained.
Thanks to Alchimia I could try to attend new challenges and experiences enjoying the
practice of sport


I’m very glad to join this Team, eager to spread the message of Alchimia Solidaria
through the mountains.
Very grateful for the opportunity given, now is time to run and enjoy this tremendous

Effort, sacrifice, fellowship and reward!

“Run makes us free”

Thank you.

Juan Diego

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