Spanish Medicinal Cannabis Observatory (OECM)

On October 2 2015, the Medicinal Cannabis Spanish Observatory (OECM) Founding Assembly took place in Madrid.

The OECM is composed by professionals from different fields who work on the study, observation and dissemination of cannabis and its derivatives therapeutic properties: researchers, doctors and patients associations whose diseases and symptoms are susceptible to be treated with cannabis and its derivatives.

OECM’s main goal is to consolidate itself as a platform that facilitates access to rigorous and truthful information about the use of cannabis and its derivatives for medicinal purposes.

To reach this aim, the OECM will collaborate with other national and international organizations with similar goals. Among other objectives, the OECM intends to guarantee the seriousness of traceability and standardization data of cannabis products, used for medicinal purposes.

Currently, in Spain, therapeutic cannabis users are immersed in a legal and health uncertainty, due to lack of regulation which allows a safe access to standardized plant preparation.

This lack of regulation leads to an important absence, both in information received by users and training for biosanitary personnel (doctors, nurses, psychologists and other specialists) facing a clinical and social reality that is being firmly consolidated: The medicinal properties of marijuana

Therefore, OECM considers that it is necessary to obtain an immediate response from the administration and the institutions, to provide solutions to those citizens, just as it happens in other countries around the world.

On 20 September, OECM’s official presentation took place in Madrid.

OECM‘s Board of Directors:

Carola Pérez (dosemociones) – President
Dr. Javier Pedraza – Vice-President
Cristina Sánchez (PhD, UCM) – Secretary
Guillermo Velasco (PhD, UCM) – Treasurer
Ekaitz Agirregoitia (PhD, UPV/EHU) – Representative
José Carlos Bouso (PhD, ICEERS Fundation) – Representative
Dr. Mariano García de Palau – Representative
Manuel Guzmán (PhD, UCM) – Representative
Dr. José Martínez-Orgado (Hospital Clínico San Carlos) – Representative
Dr. Joan Parés – Representative

Cristina Sánchez is a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Professor at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid. Since late 90’s, she has focused her research on the study of cannabinoids antitumor potential, especially in breast cancer. Cristina has been the Scientific Secretary of the Spanish Research Society on Cannabinoids, and she is still a member of its Board of Directors. She is also one of the founders and current Secretary of the recently established Medicinal Cannabis Spanish Observatory.

Cristina Sánchez was one of the representatives in the 5th International Cannabis Social Forum which took place on September 2016 in Irún.

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