Alchimia Solidaria was born with the aim of fostering a value shift from the corporate world, a new way of coexistence.

Our way of work and understanding of life, is based in the kinship, familiarity and rapport among colleagues and customers, and that’s why our best way to start the day is with a big hug, as is illustrated in our logo, if you can interpret it!

Our well-being and of those around us, is our main goal. That’s why, as simple people we are, we feel filled with the result of what we have achieved with our hard work and we don’t need any more.

So, we want to share a part of our profits to enhance the welfare of other people, instead of following the usual pattern of accumulating these earnings. In this sense, we want to open an innovative way of “how to manage” a small business benefits, in order to obtain a collective benefit, this, at the same time, will make ourselves happier.

It’s about make the money flows, avoiding its stagnation. All those who has been fortunate to become receivers of money, have the responsibility to redistribute it into the society, in a way that could help others who needs it. In this manner, everyone benefits the common wealth and creates an increasingly flow of richness.

Money is a fantastic tool for redistribution of wealth if we do not amass it. We think that, from the moment we desire to possess it, an energy change starts in our souls , and we become slaves. It’s a bit like the famous The Lord of the Rings saga, in which the one who wears the ring, falls under the clutches of evil.

Therefore, from Alchimia we intend to put our bit to try to make happy as many people as possible, especially the most disadvantaged, mainly in our region, Alt Empordà, without rejecting sporadic actions in other areas, helping organizations and associations with reduction of their main income source due to the current economic situation.
It is all about trying to repair broken pieces.

Alchimia Solidaria will also support cultural events, studies on medicinal cannabis, the cannabis movement and initiatives anti prohibitionist born with this new way of understanding the world, with the utmost respect for people and environment.

From Alchimia Solidaria we encourage all who believe in this change, individuals and companies, to join our project, either with small gestures that we make in our daily lives or with great actions, both are the starting of new paths. Things will change from the moment we believe in it, and especially from the moment we stop doing things the way we did yesterday. As it’s said, “Is walking when we prove the movement”, and this is the point where we are, the moment you start walking for a new world, a new paradigm.

In short, we believe that the best investment is the happiness of others and we will work for it.

If you wish to contact us, you can find us on :