El Dofí Leisure Center

El Dofí Leisure Center’s main purpose is disabled people’s leisure.

Our work is very important for users’ development.

We offer workshops such as dance, swimming pool, music therapy. But our main aim is social inclusion.

Our users have the same right as anyone else to exercise their rights and this is what we fight for. Our summer house project promotes all of these values, therefore we need all help we can get.

Thanks to this support we can take it forward.

Words from beneficiaries

Leisure Center for disabled people from Alt Empordà is a non-profit organization focused to all those families who have a disabled child. Current society is not prepared for these people. From our center we try to make it present in all the events and that they are included and respected like any other person.

Another important matter is to assist families helping them to have leisure in both summer and Saturdays afternoons. Develop young people’s skills at their level and position trying to get the most out of them.

In order to reach these goals we need as much help we can get since we need an instructor for each person. This is a big expense.

Every day is harder to get help from organizations; therefore we are very grateful to Alchimia Foundation, for their support and help we can move our project forward.

Everyone has the right to be happy.

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