BioCanna’s We Choose Nature project

BIOCANNA is a range of organic nutrients for plants developed by CANNA, made from top quality organic plant matter and with no animal byproducts. Thus, their formulation meets the nutritional needs of plants and ensures optimal results. According to BIOCANNA specialists, and now that health and environment protection are so important, they manufacture organic fertilisers so we can grow in a more respectful way with nature and ourselves… towards a more environmentally friendly way of life.

We Choose Nature is a non-profit, digital platform created by BioCanna so all green initiatives can meet and share knowledge, working together to present an implement these initiatives at both local and global level. A greener planet is their goal, as well as to create a global awareness and a more sustainable lifestyle.

As BioCanna presents their project We Choose Nature :

<<We live in a world that is getting warmer and warmer. Health and care for the environment has become increasingly important. Now is the time to unite and work together to prevent any further damage.>>

This online platform encourages us to take action and offers the possibility to present green initiatives, analize them and, of course, share them!. We Choose Nature acts as sponsor, shares information, and manages the donations and sample products so every initiative is successful… We all benefit from sharing knowledge!

We Choose Nature supported projects

Justdiggit: Dedicated to creating awareness campaigns and education programmes to inspire, unite and activate a whole generation in order to cool down our planet. It’s a non-profit association dedicated to climate change.

Justdiggit was the first project supported by We Choose Nature, presenting global-scale programs to restore the environment around the world. Their main aim is to inspire a generation of people to cool down the planet and create a greener place to life for coming generations. As they state:

<<If we can warm the Earth, then we are also able to cool it down.>>


These are some of the Justdiggit projects where We Choose Nature are involved:

  • Tanzania: Justdiggit signed an agreement with the government of Tanzania to co-develop a hydrologic corridor program. Justdiggit works with diverse local ministries to choose the most suitable region (3.000 hectares) and develop different types of water harvesting methods and agriculture techniques. More vegetation means more fertile soils, which means food security and additional income for the community. Baobabs are the most iconic trees of Africa, they produce healthy fruits and can live for thousands of years, but they need water as any other plant.With the help of this project these trees will flourish again!
  • Morocco: Justdiggit started their second hydrologic corridor program in Rehamna. It is a full scale project which covers 3.000 hectares of land, the first one developed in Morocco. The project area consists of 3 different zones where different types of trees will be planted assisted by so-called Elements de Banquettes, which are terraces made from earth bunds with variable height and length in staggered rows. This technique will be combined with controlled grazing to create an area with more diverse and tough vegetation.
  • Kenia: The productivity of the pastures of Kuku region has dropped significantly over the past years, which has reduced the amount of livestock and affected the Masai community, that rely on it to subsist. The Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust (MWCT) collaborates with Justdiggit by developing a small-scale project to restore the land in the Moilo region (Kuku Group Ranch). At a later stage, they also started a re-greening project in this area.

Donations for this initiative

100% of the amount donated goes directly for covering We Choose Nature’s projects. By donating to Justdiggit (even if it’s a small amount) you’ll be collaborating to create a colder and greener planet for future generations.

Here’s a link to make your donation:

We neeed initiatives like this more than ever !!

We support the We Choose Nature project

Alchimia give all possible support to this type of initiatives for creating a greener planet. Thanks a lot to our friends at BioCanna !!

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