1st Cannabmed Congress

Cannabmed is the first conference of people with health problems who use cannabis in Catalonia.

Cannabmed is one more step on the journey to better understand the day-to-day reality of those people who use medicinal cannabis, to propose strategies to change the legal contradictions that they are currently subjected to, and to make their voice heard within the debate on the regulation of cannabis, a voice that represents the patients as a political issue.

For this, the first edition, a two-day conference was proposed where eight round tables were able to discuss some of the most central aspects of medicinal cannabis. To give the debate the maximum possible scope, the tables were composed both by experts in the field and users of medicinal cannabis. On the other hand, the time allowed for the debate and questions of the attending public was deliberately generous, favouring participation and promoting relations among these people with shared interests and circumstances. In addition, during the two days, the participants were invited to share their opinions in a working group designed to look deeper into their experiences, working to give a voice to the opinions of patients and to help shape future strategies and actions.

Cannabmed took place at the Autonomous University of Bellaterra (UAB). Thanks to the collaboration of three foundations (ICEERS, Alchimia Solidària and CANNA) and the support of various entities involved, the conference was completely free of charge for the attendees, so we thank them for their inestimable support. With this in mind, we’d like to appeal to all entities and companies within this sector with an interest in helping to promote the struggle for the rights of medicinal users and their families.

Finally, a training seminar on medicinal cannabis was held the day before Cannabmed, in Barcelona, with the aim of spreading up-to-date scientific knowledge on the subject to health professionals and interested parties.

Therapeutic cannabis clinic online

A large-scale socio-health experiment is currently taking place around the world. Thousands of people self-medicate with cannabis.

Despite increasing evidence showing the efficacy and safety of cannabinoids for the treatment of many pathologies, which among others include chronic pain, nausea and vomiting due to chemotherapy, stimulation of appetite in patients with HIV/AIDS, spasticity due to Multiple sclerosis or paraplegia, Tourette’s syndrome and refractory epilepsy unresponsive to conventional treatments, the rights of patients and their relatives are still not respected.

Above and beyond the considerations of medical professionals, each person is ultimately responsible for their own body and managing their pain, being the only one who can discern the effectiveness of any therapy to which they are subjected. The only person who can evaluate the intensity of his pain is the patient.

Currently, thousands of people are caught in a contradiction, one that causes suffering and stigma. To find relief or remedy they are forced assume a certain legal risk and out of necessity must hide their behaviour. This lack of regulation and protection also opens the door to opportunism and deception on the part of suppliers, as the cannabis products that sold illegally are not required to pass any quality controls, leaving patients unprotected and vulnerable.

Although we appear to have passed the stage of “why” we should regulate the medical use of cannabis, it seems that the answer to “when” it will be regulated is still some way off. Many countries across Europe and America have already taken this step, but here it seems that those who hold the power to regulate don’t see things quite so clearly. There is only one way to get this debate onto the political agenda and that is by making it visible and democratising the knowledge that is currently shared out between experts and patients.

For this reason Alchimia Solidària Foundation decided to sponsor this, the first conference of patients who self-medicate with cannabis, as a first step towards giving greater visibility to a solution that has always been there.

In association with Dr. Joan Parés, Alchimia offers consultation on therapeutic cannabis, in a corner of our blog that has been created to answer questions and resolve any doubts about the use and application of cannabis, with either therapeutic or recreational goals.

Here you can get the answers to all kinds of questions via direct consultation by using the contact form. Dr. Parés will provide you with an answer as soon as possible, to help you make a conscious and proper use of the plant.

To complement the answers given by the doctor, as well as to facilitate the diffusion of information, you can keep up to date with all the latest news regarding therapeutic cannabis through the publications, and interesting articles that we will share in this art of the Blog.

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